Mary Magdalen - 4924 Bancroft Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109

(2 out of 4 Fishes)

Big sign on Kingshighway, but not clear which door. Menu could have also been more prominent. Friendly service and line moved efficiently.
A nice big sign out along Kingshighway signals that there is a fish fry.  Wayfinding from the parking to the dining hall could be better.  Menus are handwritten and a little hard to see up above the line, but overall a fairly straightforward and easy ordering process.  


Excellent breading on fish. Green beans had a nice coating. Desserts were limited, but my shamrock cupcake was good.
Overall some very good food.  No Cod, which was dissapointing, but choices included baked or fried pollock, jack salmon, catfish nuggets, or fried shrimp.  Sides included french fries, hush puppies, spaghetti, mac and cheese, and green beans.  Other extras included crab rangoon and toasted ravioli. The breading on the fish was really good.  Fries were crisp.  No beer, although we came on Good Friday, so maybe it was because of that.


$7.50 for plate which included tea or coffee, and dessert.
After 7 years, prices have only gone up a $1.  $8.50 for adult plates, $6.50 for kids 12 and under.  Dinners come 2 sides, cole slaw, dessert, and tea or lemonade.  


At first, it seemed it might be a little drab, but someone played the piano and the gym had a nice background hum of other diners.
Different music every week.  The week we were there was a woman playing old favorites on the piano.  But other weeks have included Irish, Italian, and jazz music.  With the background music, a nice ambience for dining.  Friendly and helpful volunteers.

3 out of 4. Not spectacular, but a good solid fish fry. A good value with drinks and dessert included.
Our first visit in over seven years (2014 and 2007)  Overall, our impression increased since the first visit.  Some nice breading and taste on the fried pollock.  The live music was a nice touch and provided for a nice background for dining.  A good family value and the toasted ravioli and crab rangoon provided additional options especially for kids who may not like the fish.  We said in 2007 that it was a good solid fish fry - and I think we were spot on.  Nothing fancy here (no baked salmon) or other trendy options, but if you like traditional fried fish fare - Mary Magdalen does it well.

Reviewed 3/16/07
Reviewed  4/15/14

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  1. Stopped by Mary Magdalen 19Feb10 and it was fantastic. There was a wait (about 10 minutes) for the Pollack (no cod here) but it was tasty. I can late in the evening (6:30) and they were out of desserts but for $7.50, I was well fed.

    I had to ask where to go after parking around back but it was worth it. The piano player was back this year as well.

  2. We love this place. Great place to bring fiends and/or family. Everyone will find something they love. Friendly people, wide menu selection, live music, and a great selection of desserts. Every item on the menu is outstanding. And every week they have a different theme and a complementary item. This weeks theme was "Irish Night'; they had Irish music, accompanied by an Irish tenor, and the complementary item was Green Beer. We all had a great time and we are already looking forward to next week.


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