St. Margaret Mary Alacoque - 4900 Ringer Road, Oakville, MO 63129

Wayfinding / Greening

(3 out of 4 Fishes)
Good wayfinding.  First, the church is easy to spot as its spire soars above adjacent Ringer Road.  Fish fry directional sign near the road  entrance directs you to the parking lot (and even drive-thru service, although it was un-clear if this was available when we visited.)
Menu was logical and dine-in and carry-out were clearly marked.  Ordering was pay and fill out ordering slip, which you then took to the food line.  Filling out the ordering slip slowed the line a bit, but  getting your food was effecient, except for the salad/bean and condiment area, which was a little congested.  Only downside to wayfinding, I couldn't easily find all the beverage choices.  Styrofoam plates, but bulk condiment area cut on waste from all the individual condiment packages. No visible recycling. 


Pre-breaded cod squares was not a good sign.  Baked tilapia was an option, and although we didn't taste it, it looked to be popular.  Also fried shrimp.  Sides included spaghetti, french fries, green beans, and choice of "salad/bean" bar.  After you got your hot food, you serve yourself from the "salad/bean" area.  A nice cold bean salad was a highlight.  Dessert was St. Patrick's Day inspired cake. 


OK value.  For a family of 5 it would be about $35.   Adult fried cod fillet was $7.75, choice of one "hot" and one "cold" side, also included drink and dessert.  Adult cod chunk, shrimp, or baked tilapia  dinner was $8.25.  Child dinners were the same, but smaller portions at $1.50 less expensive than the adult meals.  Ala-carte options also available. Beer was $3.00.  Child meals are a little more expensive here than elsewhere. 


Bright, large cafeteria had comfortable tables and a good din of conversation.  Crowded at 5:45, but still able to find seating.  Friendly volunteers were everywhere.  Table volunteers were quickly standing by to clean-up spots after diners left and to take your plate - interestingly that these were adults where often they are the youth of the parish.  Overflow seating in hallway adjacent to cafeteria.  A little congested near the dessert/drink/condiment/salad bar area.  Sacrificing one additional table to spread this area out would make a big difference.

2.5 out of 4
A good solid fish fry.  Friendly staff and volunteers.  I place a heavy emphasis on the fried cod, so having the pre-breaded cod was a downer. But the fried shrimp and baked tilapia were good options.  The Friday Night Fish family was at 3/5th strength with one of the kids home sick, so we got to experience both the dine-in and carry-out experience.  Carry-out was very efficient.

Reviewed 3/18/11 

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  1. Thanks for the review - a couple of comments. The cod filets are the best you can buy - used by many restaurants in the area. The cod chunks are "Milwaukee" style, sweet & juicy. The tilapia comes in 2 versions - Lemon Pepper & Cajun. The salad bar, all you can eat, has a choice of creamy & sweet/sour cole slaw, pickled beets, bean salad, apple sauce, tossed green salad with Italian dressing, and a choice of breads. The desserts, coffee, tea, and lemonade are also free for the grazing!

    Again, thanks for coming!

  2. Really like the drive thru option and enjoy the students taking orders. We look forward to Friday fish night, however, this year the cod chunk selection has changed from previous years to 2 flat squares which are not that tasty. Hopefully, it is a temporary change.


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