Our Lady of Pillar - 401 S. Lindbergh Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO

Wayfinding / Greening

(3 Out of 4 Fishes)
Perhaps the best wayfinding of any fish fry. Large signs at each entrance along Lindbergh. Even a directional sign from one parking lot to the upper parking lot where the fish fry was located. Menus! Menus were life size when you walk in the door. There was no possible way you could miss the menus. Ordering was easy and they had it down to a science with different color slips of paper for each entree choice. Lines moved fairly efficiently. Hardly any wait at 5pm, although by 5:15 there started to be a line. Only downside was greening, as there was no apparent highlights. Styrofoam plates, condiment packages, and no visible recycling.


Lots of good entree choices including fried and baked cod, baked salmon, and fried shrimp. I had high expectations of the cod going in, and the cod didn't quite live up to those expectations - cod was fair to good. Other entrees including the bake salmon looked very good. The sides were well done. My cole slaw was excellent and the green beans had a nice extra touch of additional seasoning including peppers. Other sides included tater tots, mac and cheese, and spaghetti. Desserts were a highlight. I had an awesome red velvet cake. My daughter had a brownie which was rich and chocolaty.


A lot of fish fries are in the $8 range now, and Our Lady of Pillar was no exception. $8 for fried cod, $9 for baked cod or fried shrimp, $10 for baked salmon. Kids cod nuggets were $4. Soda $1. Beer $3. Dinners included dessert and drinks, but drinks were just water and coffee. $28 for our family of five.


A more "refined" buzz. Although it was nearly full, it wasn't overly loud. Friendly and eager staff. Volunteers were quick to grab our trays and plates. Plenty of room in large hall with round tables. Centerpieces of single flowers were a nice touch.

3 out of 4. A good solid fish fry and a good way to end the fish fry season. We had been wanting to go to Our Lady of Pillar for some time, but with Interstate 64 being closed the previous two years, it hadn't worked out. Kids wanted to know if there should have been a show at the fish fry with a stage located in the hall. We had to hurry back for Friday evening service, but the kids wanted to stay around to use the playground located adjacent to the parish center.

Reviewed 4/2/10

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  1. The baked salmon is spectacular! Cod, both baked and fried are excellent as well. We've been going here for years. The spaghetti is not "all that" (is anyone Italian in the parish??), but slaw is great. Desserts are almost all homemade and very good. Everyone working is so very nice. They are very efficient. Even if you have to wait a bit, you don't mind because everyone is so nice. We always look forward to Friday night fish fry at OLP!

  2. We also have been going to OLP for years. Couldn't agree more. The salmon is to die for!! The pieces are quite generous and never overdone. Can't wait for Lent every year. Also agree with the spaghetti. We have said the same thing (isn't anyone Italian in the parish, please!) The rest of the sides are good. Everyone working is very helpful. I love that the kids of the parish are on the cleanup crew and are very polite. They even sell Girl Scout cookies! Everyone we ever take here loves it!

  3. OLP is my first fish fry as an adult, can you believe that? We will definitely go back. The food is quite good (cod was delicious and the salmon looked very good, and others around us were exclaiming about how good the salmon was). Our daughter had the fish sticks, mac & cheese and green beans, while I had the delicious cole slaw with my cod (as did my husband) and the brown rice. The rice was very good and the slaw was excellent. Not overly wet or mayo-y with good seasoning. Good value too.


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