Our Lady of the Presentation - 8860 Tudor Avenue, Overland, MO

Wayfinding / Greening
 (1 out of 4 fishes)

Nice sign out by the parking lot, but we still drove past the entrance on our first attempt.  Menu was a little small, but logical.  No wait in line at 5:15pm.  Order first then pay afterward.  There are usually three types of ordering/payment options at fish fries.  They are: pay first and get a slip of paper with your order to give to the food line, pay first then honor system at the food line, or get food first then pay.  The obvious downside to paying first is having to deal with your tray/plate while trying to pay.  Since my wife was home with the flu, and I was alone with the three kids, so trying to keep the kids holding on to their trays while waiting to pay was not appealing.  A lot of stryrofoam, even for the water and tea cups.  Plus Lady of the Presentation's attempt to be helpful for kids meal resulted in more wasted plates.  As you get your trays, there are plate stacks labeled for seniors and adult plates. We didn't see a kid's plate, so my kids grabbed the senior plates.  When we got to the food line, they said they use carryout boxes for the kids in case they don't eat very much and want to take the leftovers home.  I appreciated the thought, but we ended up wasting three plates, plus we combined the leftovers in one carryout box anyway.  If I hadn't been flying solo, I would have thought to ask for only one carryout box.


Hand breaded Cod was done nicely.  Not too spicy on the breading.  Not as hot and flaky as I would have preferred, but it was good Cod overall.  Lots of choices for sides including:  french fries, tatar tots, augratin potatoes, mac and cheese, spaghetti, baked beans, green beans, cole slaw.  Baked fish and jumbo shrimp also available.  Kids choices included fish or grilled cheese.  Fish Sandwiches also available.  Desserts also available.  Nothing really jumped out in terms of the sides, but they all appeared nicely done.  Clam chowder also available.


OK value.  Most fish fries seem to be at $8-$9 a plate.  Here it was $9.50 for an adult plate, $5.50 for child plates, and $8.50 for senior plate.  Plates included coffee or tea.  Dessert was $0.50.  Beer was $1.50.  So for our family of 5, it would have been $38, so a little on the high side.  Big portions of fish though.  We had leftovers available.  Most adults could probably split a plate.  You could also get fish by the pound for $11.50. 


Nice relaxed atmosphere.  Plenty of space, especially if you have a big group and are looking for a fish fry where you could all sit together.  Even at 5:30 - 6pm, plenty of seating available.  Long rows of tables with real chairs.  Nice touch was the ornamental fish hanging from the hallway roof leading you to the fish fry line.

2.5 out of 4.  Nice relaxed fish fry.  If you have a big group, want plenty of space, and don't want to wait in a long line, this would be a nice fish fry to visit.  Cod was hand breaded and good.   Many of the staff had fish fry t-shirts (matching shirts or aprons always mean a serious fish fry!). Being just a little off of I-170, it was very easy to get to.  With my wife home sick, we were going at 4/5th strength with just me and the kids. 

Reviewed 3/16/2012

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