Holy Infant - 248 New Ballwin Rd, Ballwin, MO 63021

Wayfinding / Greening
(2 out of 4 Fishes)

Good sign along the road, although we pulled into the wrong parking lot and had to navigate the length of the school to find the fish fry.  We came across preparations for St. Patrick Day festivities and other events as we made our way through the halls to the fish fry.  Once there, the cafeteria was packed, but it was easy to find the end of the line.  Ordering was clear and easy. You pay and get your order on a receipt, which you hand to the food servers (although they really go by what you tell them).  About a 15-20+ minute wait at 6pm.  You actually need the wait to find a place to sit, so the waiting and the seating ratio works out well.  Lots of styrofoam.  But they did offer recycling, but you had to bring your cans back to the soda/beer stand.  Condiment station cut down on small packets of condiments.


Good Cod.  Ranks up there with some of the best we've had this year.  My wife's fried grouper was excellent.  Other choices include baked salmon, baked Cod, or shrimp.  Sides included french fries, mac and cheese, salad, cole slaw (which I didn't see), green beans, and mostaccioli.  Sides were done nicely.  I usually don't feel the need for a shout out about the dinner rolls, but their dinner rolls were perfectly soft and chewy.  Another highlight and a nice touch was the variety of condiments and salad dressings to choose from.  Much more than your basic tartar, ketchup, and cocktail sauces. Only downside may be lack of dessert choices - you only get one choice - a cookie.  Although it was a very good cookie!


A good value overall. About $33 for our family of 5, but if you have a family of 4, it can be a really good deal. They have a $22 dinner pack special which includes 2 adult dinners and 2 childs menu items. Adults dinners were $9 which included 2 sides, roll, and a cookie. For $6, you could get a "light" dinner with only one piece of Cod. Children items were only $2 (with adult dinner purchase) and included mostaccioli, mac and cheese, or pizza slice. Beer and wine was $3, soda was $1. The only downside was that no drinks were included with dinners, not even water.


Good atmosphere. Very crowded and lively packed fish fry. Bordered on being too crowded - at times it was hard to make your way between tables. But overall a lively buzz of conversation. Friendly volunteers and right on time in coming by to take trays and empty dishes. As you stand in line, you get worried about not finding a place to sit, but spots always open up. Rounds tables and real chairs. The round tables seat about 7-9, and thus encourage meeting new folk. The other good idea (at least for Holy Infant fundraising) was the gift basket raffle while you wait in line. You pass a line of gift baskets while waiting. It is hard not to buy a ticket, especially with Lego and other assorted baskets. Also liked all the match green shirts and the branding of the Men's club. It was also neat to be there the same evening that a news crew was broadcasting about Cardinal Dolan's connection to Holy Infant.

3.5 out of 4.  I had really high expectations of Holy Infant before going.  I've gotten several messages about "you must go to Holy Infant", and we have been meaning to go for some time.  Overall, it lived up to its reputation.  Good food, and a highly efficient, well run fish fry.  It some ways though, it may be like the Brahms of fish fries (yes, I'll attempt to make a fish fry/classical music analogy).   We were at the Symphony on Saturday evening when it hit me.  Brahms may be great, with sweeping melodies and grandness. But I wouldn\t go just to hear Brahms. We went because of Beethoven's 2nd - which was exquisite. Nothing wrong with a Brahms, he was a master, but not quite exquisite.

Reviewed:  3/7/2013

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