Mary Queen of Peace - 676 W Lockwood Ave, St. Louis, MO 63119

Wayfinding / Greening:
(2 out of 4 Fishes)

Sign by road is all for wayfinding, no directions to door. Styrofoam plates, however they did have can recycling. Ordering and payment was in advance.
Ordering was simple, and there were two lines to quickly move everyone through.  No fancy wayfinding, but effective 8.5x11" black and white signs lead you to the cafeteria.   They recycle cans, but still lots of styrofoam plates.  
Efficient wayfinding and ordering experience.  They use a paper slip, which seems unnecessary, but it didn't slow down the process.  Efficient wayfinding - nothing fancy, but effective.  The only slightly confusing part was getting to the seating area (gymnasium) after you got your food.  Improvements in greening!  No more styrofoam plates!  (Sturdy, compostable paper plates!)  Still using individual condiment packages.  


Cod was good, but overall about average. Sides, however, were excellent and some of the best anywhere. Spaghetti, green beans with peppers and tomatoes, rice pilaf, mac and cheese, corn bread - everything was made with care! Even the kids cheese pizza wast tasty. Homemade style chips. Also had baked tilapia.
The fish fry is catered by Russo's and served by volunteers.  So there is a slight asterisk to this fish fry.  With that disclaimer, the sides were very good.  The green beans and the chips are a highlight.  The Cod was OK, I ended up using tartar sauce.  And because of it being catered, it wasn't piping hot from the fryer as you'll get at some fish fries.  
Good Cod.  Breading wasn't as spicy as I would personally prefer.  Solid sides - I had the green beans and fries.  Last time we came in 2017, Russo's did the catering.  Now everything is cooked and prepared by parishioners.  So good!  


7 for 2 pieces of Cod, $8 for 3 pieces, included lemonade/coffee and dessert. We were stuffed! Kids meal was $4, but one slice of pizza was plenty for two kids under 6 years old.
Good value.  $10 for adult plate of either Cod, shrimp, or salmon, with dessert.  $4 craft beer/wine.  $3 domestic beer. 
$13 for adult Cod plate.  $15 for grilled salmon plate.  Includes two sides and dessert.  You can add on a side of hush puppies (which is enough for two people) for $3.   


We got there at 5:30 and from then to 6:30, it was packed. Lively and friendly. Only downside, no-one cleared tables though.
Comfortably crowded at 5:30, but you could easily move through the line.  Someone was quick to recycle my can.
Friendly crowd.  Lots of kids running around.  A band!  (Although the band may have been a touch too loud initially - or I'm just getting older). I think the gymnasium seating area is new since our last visit in 2017.  Lots of space now!  

3.0 out of 4. Only held twice over Lent, so volunteers weren't quite as efficient as other places. Sides were definitely the highlight. Come early (before 5:30 to beat the big crowd).
Mary Queen of Peace is a "catered" fish fry from Russo's served by volunteers.  Sides are a highlight and a they had 3-4 craft beers. We may have had them ranked too high in 2008, but still a good, solid and enjoyable fish fry. 
First visit back since 2017!  The gymnasium seating area is a nice space.  With the friendly volunteers, band, and kids running around - a really good atmosphere.  The food is solid.  I think our rating of 3.0 / out of 4 is still relevant.  All the cooking and preparing are done by parish volunteers now.  A good solid fish fry that you should definitely check out.  Only held twice during lent, so be sure to check their calendar.  

Reviewed 2/15/08
Reviewed 3/24/17
Reviewed 3/3/23

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