Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church - 1910 Serbian Dr, St Louis, MO 63104

Wayfinding / Greening

(4 out of 4 Fishes) Not really any signs.  A small sign at Jefferson and Russell, but there really needed to be a sign at Russell and  McNair Avenue to help you find the church.  May have been a small menu sign to help in ordering, but didn't see it.  A menu however, is not really needed.  Ordering was simple, just adult and kid's prices and you choose as you go through the line.  No line at 6:00pm.  Greening was great!  Real plates and silverware!  Bulk condiments, so no package waste.  They had recycling and the biggest (and really only sign) was for the recycling container!  So great job on being green!  Much longer lines! Not too bad - but at 6:00pm there was about a 10-20 minute wait.  Well thought out ordering system, simple yet efficient.  Two lines - cash or credit.  You pay after your food, which sometimes leads to crowded trays around the cashier trying to balance your food while getting payment - Holy Trinity has perfected the pay after with a "landing area" for trays by the cashier.  I was impressed!  Nice job!
2023 - Huge crowd at 5:30, but the line moved fast.  They've changed to paper ordering slips where you pay in advance, then they fill up your plate for you.  Impressive - like watching the dance of workers at a Chik-fil-A.  Real plates!  Not too much wayfinding, but not really needed.


No Cod, which was a little of a downer.  Entrees were fried or baked tilapia, fried catfish, or fried shrimp. Fried tilapia was good, with a good breading.  Not as flaky as fried Cod.  Sides included french fries, onion rings, spaghetti, and cole slaw.  Onion rings were done nicely and the cole slaw was a highlight.  Very nicely done cole slaw.  Desserts were home made and included cakes and cherry or apple crisp.  This year they also had dessert crepes including nutella, strawberry, and almond.  Delicious!  Highly recommended.  Fried catfish was wonderful.  Great selection of desserts including crepes and an apple pastry.  And shrimp poboys! 
2023 - Two plates of food!  Fish tacos and shrimp poboys oustanding.  Some nice sides and desserts that reflect the culture of the church.  So good. 


Fair value.  $35 for our family of 5 which included two sides, desserts, and drinks.  Drinks included lemonade, water, and soda (name brand cans!).  Not exactly sure price breakdown however (I never saw a menu).  But I think it was $10 for adults.  It was kinda like ordering at the old Beffa's.  You don't need to know the price.  Menus are visible now!  $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under.  $5 for 16oz Jelen beer. 
2023 - $17 for adult play seems steep at first, but portions are huge!  $6 for 17oz Jelen beer.


Great, quiet but refined atmosphere.  Nicely decorated church hall with round tables and real chairs.  Nice touches included candles at the tables and flower arrangements at each table.  Background music adds a nice elegance.  Additional highlights include a full bar area with two TV's.  If you are looking for a great fish fry to watch some NCAA tourney games, this would be a good choice.  About three quarters full when we were there at 6-6:30.  Very friendly staff of volunteers.  We were greeted when we came in and volunteers were quick to clear our trays and plates.
2023 - When we first started coming, fairly quiet. Now a buzz of people.  They've got a TV broadcast on the wall, so you can catch the NCAA tourny games here.  Friendly volunteers quick to get your tray and plates.

3.75 out of 4.  A great "secret" find of fish fries.  Not overly crowded, but a nice elegant fish fry with good atmosphere.    If you are looking for a fish fry where you can go through the line quickly, enjoy real plates, good food and value, then try Holy Trinity.  Actually, instead of trying Holy Trinity, please keep it a secret for the rest of us! It would lose some of its charm if it was too crowded (plus they are not really set up to handle huge crowds).  Good value with dessert and drinks (including soda) included.  Only negatives would be that they don't have Cod.  Mentioned in Value, that it was kinda like ordering at the old Beffa's.  Has some of the same feel as Beffa's, but better decorated.
We called this the "secret" fish fry back in 2013.  No longer!  It was crowded this time around. About a 10-20 minute line at 6:00pm.  The dessert crepes are a highlight.  Plus the Jelen Serbian beer was a highlight.  You could get a 16oz Jelen for $5.  (As of 2018 - $6 for Jelen beer)
Wow! Holy Trinity has quietly become one of the best fish fries in the City (dare I say best???). Great food, efficient service, nice atmosphere, unique beer and dessert choices. I said in 2013 they were a “secret”, but even as they have gotten busier, they have gotten better. Great job Holy Trinity!  The atmosphere is already good with a good buzz of the crowd and background music.  If they added live music - they would definitely be close to #1 overall fish fry. 
2023 - We've said before that Holy Trinity gets better every year.  (Last year, with some pandemic protocols, wasn't quite the same).  But they are back strong!   Could it be the new #1 fish fry?  We'll make a determination end of the year!

Reviewed 3/22/2013
Reviewed 2/26/2016
Reviewed 3/16/2018
Reviewed 3/10/2023

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  1. There is also a beautiful Serbian Orthodox church here, of course, worth seeing if you haven't (or even if you have) seen Orthodox churches with thier iconostatsis and icons...lovely.


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