Saints Joachim & Ann Parish - 4112 McClay Road, St. Charles, MO 63304

Wayfinding / Greening

Good number of signs leading you to the cafeteria from the parking lot.  Plus good internal signs for drinks. Although the campus of the parish isn't the easiest to navigate with lots of steps.  Ordering was simple and logical, although there was a lot of menu choices, and as "newbies" we held up the line a little.  You order first, get a order slip, then pay at the end (at least the takeout line, I assume this was true for dine-in also).  About a 10-15 minute wait at 6pm.  Lots of styrofoam, and because we went through  the takeout line (since it was shorter), our styrofoam was double.  Even styrofoam cups for drinks.  No visible recycling for soda/beer cans.


Good Cod.  A little different type of breading, with a more flaky breading and exposed cod than other types of fish fries.  Breading was subtle, could have used more kick for my personal preference.  Also, wasn't as hot as usually preferred.  Good selection of other entrees and side.  Other entrees include:  fried catfish, shrimp, crab cakes, or baked fish.  Sides included cole slaw, french fries, hush puppies, green beans.  For kids, cheese pizza and spaghetti was available. Potato soup was available which was a highlight.  Good selection of desserts.  My daughter found ice cream cake!  How often do you see ice cream cake at a fish fry!  Another unique item was "Sea Sliders", mini-fish sandwiches.  We didn't try them though.


Great value.  Only $25 for our family of 5 (although our youngest only ate sides).  But still, a good variety of price choices.  Large dinners were $8.50 (2 pieces of fish and 3 sides) and small dinners were $6.50 (1 piece of fish and 2 sides).  Drinks (lemonade, tea, coffee) and dessert included.  Cheese pizza was $3.50 and included 1 side.  Soup was $1.50.  Beer/wine $2, soda $1.  Lots of pricing options and I won't go through all of them, but a good way to feed a family of picky eaters.


Good atmosphere.  Crowded, but not overly so and there was plenty of seating.  Real chairs.  Nothing really special about the cafeteria (concrete block walls), but a good din of conservation, yet not overly loud.  A nice touch was a cow bell at the ordering station that they would ring when "newbies" came.  The extensive menu and pricing options made it fairly obvious that you were a newbie when you hesitate during ordering.  We were "really big newbies" because we had to 'clarify' our order a couple of times.

3 out of 4, maybe 3.5.  A well done fish fry with some really nice aspects.  Especially for families, a lot of menu choices and pricing options keeps it a great value (and makes the top value list for fish fries)  Another family feature is the playground right outside of the fish fry is nice later in the fish fry season during daylight savings time.  I liked the tradition of the "cow bell" (who doesn't like more cow bell) ringing for "newbies" at the fish fry - some good natured ribbing.    Food was also very good with a good selection of choices.  The potato soup and crab cakes were unique and not something you see at every fish fry.  We hadn't been to St. Charles in a while and was surprised by how fast the trip was with the Page extension (as long as I-270 isn't backed up).

Reviewed 3/15/2013

Inside the Cafeteria

Side choices (cowbell in background for "newbies").

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