St. Peter - 324 South 3rd Street, St. Charles, MO 63301

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(3 out of 4 fishes)
The long line out the front door made it easy to spot the entrance to the fish fry. One of the longest lines I’ve been in for a fish fry, but a lot of things to keep you busy, especially if you are with a group of people. Easy and logical ordering. You pay and choose your dinner, you get a ticket, and take it to the serving line. Efficient food distribution and getting to your seating. Multiple volunteers direct you to your table to efficiently sit your entire party (It's as efficient as filling the rides at Disney "I've got room for 4 here!")  A lot of Styrofoam, even the cups. Ketchup bottles at tables cut back on condiment package waste. No visible recycling.


Excellent Cod! One of the best of the year. Breading was subtle, letting the flavor of the fish come through. The Cod was cooked to perfection with it being nice and moist and flaky. Other main dishes were catfish, peel and eat shrimp, and frog legs. Sides were well done. Excellent cole slaw and hush puppies were crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Choice of baked potato or fries. Corn bread was also tasty. Stewed tomatoes were available on each table. Dessert was a highlight – soft serve ice cream! Choice of vanilla, chocolate, or swirl!


Good Value. $26 for our family of five with kids 4 and under free. Adult dinners were $9 for cod or catfish and $10 for peel and eat shrimp or frog legs. Kids dinners were $4, except for the frog legs at $6. $0.25 individual peel and eat shrimp. Drinks (tea or water) and dessert included. Beer was $1.50 a cup or $5 a pitcher. Soda was $1.


Good buzz and friendly atmosphere in a large gym. Although there was a long line, it was efficiently handled. A drink tent was set-up outside to refresh those not yet in the gym. Once inside the gym, a peel and eat shrimp stand awaited for an appetizer as you stood in line. The volunteers directing you to your table were fast and efficient. We had a group of ten people, and they were able to quickly find seats for us in a crowded gym. Quick clearing of plates. As a bonus, drink refills at your table! Balloons floated high above each table lent a festive mood and helped break up the vertical expanse of the high gym ceilings. With the drink refills and placemats, it almost was like a restaurant.

3.5 out of 4.
A great fish fry. Not many choices in terms of sides, which was fine by me. Simple sides done well. If you like traditional fish fry fare, they do it great. Also one of the most efficient and well organized fish fries. Thoughtful and well placed drink stations. The service to and at your table was excellent. Plus, who can beat a fish fry where you get to end with soft serve ice-cream! The long lines didn’t really seem to matter with the nice weather, drinks, and peel and eat shrimp as an appetizer. However, early in the fish fry year with coats to carry, I’m not sure if it would be as enjoyable (but maybe it is not as crowded when it’s colder). The kids enjoyed a post fish fry trip to Bass Pro Shops. So if you are looking for a reason to head west, make an appointment to try out St. Peters in St. Charles. It’s tucked into the narrow old neighborhood streets of St. Charles and close to historic main street, so you can do some exploring before or after the fish fry.

Review 4/8/11

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  1. 02/22/13 Had the best catfish at any Lenten fish fry yet. It was cooked whole and on the bone; Excellent. The price is now $10 for catfish or cod. The cole slaw and hushpuppies were very good. The soft serv ice-cream is actually frozen custard... and better than Ted Drewes or Fritz's! The line is VERY long. Do not come at prime-time dinner hour (5:30-6:30). Get there early or come late.


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