St. Ferdinand - 1735 Chabonier Road, Florissant, MO


(1 out of 4 fishes)
Lighted signed out in front near Chabonier Road was easy to spot and directed us to the parking lot. With a year long fish fry, they were able to invest in a good entry sign. Covered walkway to front of gym was easy to find. Ordering though, was not so easy. Not really a menu so not really sure what the choices were. But it didn't matter too much. The volunteers were patient to explain and the choices were simple. Styrofoam plates, condiment packages, and no visible recycling made it low on greening.


Excellent Cod! When you fry cod every week, you tend to know what you are doing, and St. Ferdinand proves that. The cod was nice and flaky. The breading had just the right amount of kick and spice. A good fried Cod leaves you wanting more, and this cod did that. Fries were simple, but nice and crispy. Cole slaw was also very good. Spagehtii was solid. Since this was the "off-season", chicken and chicken fingers were available. Fried catfish too. Nothing fancy in terms of choices, but well done. Cod is probally top 5!


I really had no idea how much anything was. I felt I was in line at Beffa's. Total for our family was $27.48. You are encouraged to order fish by the pound ($11/lb). Ordering smaller portions was subject to approval. Everything is ala carte, even the bread ($0.10). Desserts were $1.75 (I think). Beer $1.75 to $3.50. Overall, a good value.


High ceiling cafeteria was light and airy. Half crowded even during the "off-season", so it really must be full during Lent. Early times for 3-7pm. Very friendly staff with a big contengent of teens helping serving, cleaning, and taking payments. I'm sure with a year long commitment, everyone has to get involved. Everthing seemed to flow smoothly.

3 out of 4 Fishes
When you talk about St. Louis fish fries, you always hear "St. Ferdinand's"! Since we went in the "off-season" we may not have experienced the true St. Ferdinand's power. Overall though, cod was worth the trip. It definately would help to be a "regular" to understand the ordering, however. If you have kids, take Lindbergh south and drive through the airport tunnel. Our kids got a big kick out of it.

Reviewed 2/5/10

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  1. Can't imagine why knowing prices was a problem. Single servings are $1.50, pints $3.00 and quarts $4.50 regardless of what your buy in side items. Service is exceptional. I especially enjoy the cajun seasoning offered with their catfish strips. Truly the best fishfry experience St. Louis has to offer. I know they've been operating year long for many years!!!

  2. St. Ferdinand Fish fry is the best. Not only are they open year round,their fish is great. People come from all over to eat at St. Ferdinand's. Try it, you won't be sorry.

  3. We live close and go about 10 times a year - for over twenty years. You really can'y beat it. Don't go too late - oil gets a little old and they run out of some things during busy Fridays. They have some new shrimp - try them - they are good!

  4. Ferdy is easily the best. The cajun catfish is to die for. If you do want to go to St. Ferdinand's during Lent, take my advice as a semi-regular and DO NOT go during Lent. The lines on either side usually loop around twice and go out the back door. However, the reasonable prices and great quality are completely worth the wait.

  5. Menus are at start of lines!!!!! Prices are good. The have wide variety of sides: coleslaw, spaghetti, fries, hushpuppies, baked apples, green beans(not during Lent d/t bacon in them).
    Entrees: baked lemon pepper cod, famous fried cod, shrimp,cajun catfish, regular fried catfish chicken tenders and chicken quarters sold(not during lent though) homeade deserts, ice cream and beer and soda. Stop on by!!!

    1. St.Ferdinand's Fish Fry has been in business for almost 60 years, they have the best fish anywhere.Althouhg alot of the workers are school kids they do a great job and it teaches them work skills. All the food @ St. Ferdinand is top notch,wouldn't go anywhere else

    2. St. Ferdinand's is by far the BEST fish fry in St. Louis. My family has been going there for over 30 years and we live 15 miles away from there in Mid-County. It's so worth the drive. I haven't been to any other fish fry that even compares to St. Ferdinand.

    3. St. Ferdinand Fish Fry is by far the Best Fish Fry around. They have been in operation for sixty years and are open year round. To compliment the fish and shrimp they serve there are quite a few side dishes; spaghetti, coleslaw, french fries, baked apples, green beans, hush puppies and wonderful selection of desserts and even ice cream.

  6. St. Ferdinand's Fish Fry is most definitely the best and has been around the longest!!! People come to this famous fish fry from all over the St. Louis area and beyond. They have a variety of side dishes as well!!

  7. St. Ferdinand Fish Fry was my first "real" job! Worked there as a teen, stayed until I got married, still visit often and take our teenage children there! We just love the fish and shrimp! If you haven't tried it, you just gotta go but go early because the line gets long very, very quickly.

  8. Go to to "Like" the Facebook Page. St. Ferdinand is celebrating 60 years of Fish Fry!


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