Little Flower Catholic Church - 1264 Arch Terrace, Richmond Heights, MO 63117

Wayfinding / Greening
(2 out of 4 fishes)

We couldn't find the cafeteria at first, and when we did, we came in the back way.  Not a good start to wayfinding.  Do want to give a shout out, though, to the hand chalked menus.  A very nice touch.  About a 20 minute wait at 5:30.  Ordering was simple - pay first, then given a ticket.  Didn't see any recycling, but may have missed it.  Styrofoam plates.  They did have bulk condiments.


Very good Cod.  However, relatively small pieces.  I ended up ordering an extra piece for my daughters' plate, so I could have an extra piece.  Other sides were nicely done.  Fries were a highlight.  Seasoned?  Whatever they were, they were nice, hot, and perfectly done.  Cole slaw, green beans, mac-n-cheese, and applesauce.  Other entree choice was grilled salmon.  Nice selection of desserts.
No Cod this year.  It was a white fish (swai?).  Huge portions and it was nicely fried with just a hint of seasoning.  Very good.  Fries were again outstanding.  Highlight is the fried mac-n-cheese balls the kids pass out while you wait in line.  Desserts were also excellent - I had a german chocolate cake.


Good overall value - but I'll start with the beer.  $3 for 16oz drafts of Urban Chestnut!  You can't drink at Urban Chestnut for that price!  Zwickel was on tap.  They also had another microbrew on tap - something from Square One (I think).  $8 two piece Cod dinner, $6 one piece Cod dinner (see above about small Cod pieces).  $9 grilled salmon dinner.  Dessert included, but not drinks.


Good atmosphere with a lively buzz.  Crowded, but always seats opening up.  Friendly volunteers were quick to see if we needed our plates cleared.  Volunteers came by the line with free fried mac-n-cheese balls as appetizers.  Only downside, squeezing behind some of the chairs and tables.

3.5 out of 4.  (Maybe only 3 if you're not a microbrew fan) I'm not sure any other fish fry serving Urban Chestnut drafts, especially for $3 for 16oz.  So that was a big highlight.  Cod was very tasty, although a little on the small side.  The fried mac-n-cheese balls that were being given as appetizers for those waiting in line, was a nice touch.   Overall, a very nice fish fry.  Little Flower only has two fish fries a year, so be sure to check their calendar.  Did I mention $3 Urban Chestnut?
Usually we don't repeat fish fries in back-to-back years, but the lure of $3 Urban Chestnut and fried Mac-n-Cheese balls drew us back.  It was packed at 5:00pm and we had a 30 minute wait.  But the beer window is right by the start of the line, so you can enjoy your first draft as you wait in line.  Only downside was no Cod.  It seems more and more parish are switching to other fish because of the expense of Cod.  Little Flower did a great job with the white fish they fried, but I wish it was Cod.  

Reviewed 3/11/2016
Reviewed 3/10/2017

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