St. Rose Philippine Duchesne - 3500 Catherine Street, Florissant, MO 63033

Wayfinding / Greening 
(3 out of 4 fishes)

Great wayfinding!  One of the best use of signs!  Signs directing you at every key decision point (car to parking lot, parking lot to fish fry entrance, and entry to food line).  Menu was clear and ordering was efficient and logical (either a large or small plate).  You go through the line and pick out your order, and then pay after you get your food.  Only downside was that paying for dessert and clam chowder were separate locations, the Friday Night Fish family likes to pay with one check.  Only about a 5 minute wait at 5:15pm.  Styrofoam plates and plastic silverware.  Bulk ketchup bottles at the tables cut down on condiment waste.  Glass beer bottles and recyclable plastic cups, but no visible recycling.


Very good Cod.  Hand breaded and tasty.  Could have been a little spicier, but a favorite condiment here is hot sauce with your Cod.  The rumor was that the Cod is prepared so that it can be pared with the hot sauce.  I stayed a purist, but my wife tried the hot sauce and it was very good with the Cod.  Not a large selection of sides, but all well done.  Green beans may have been the best we've ever had.  Fries, cole slaw, spaghetti, and hush puppies were all done well.  A big highlight was the clam chowder.  The clam chowder here is so special, it has its own serving location.  Great clam chowder.  Worth coming just for the chowder.
Just fried Cod here (and the chowder wasn't what you would call "lite") so if you are looking for healthier options, this isn't it.


Very good value.  $8 for large plate (1/2lb? of fish) which includes two sides and drink (water and tea). Large portions.  $6 for small plate which iincluded 2 pieces of Cod and would be enough for most appetites.  No specific kids meals, so two of our kids split a small plate.  Chowder was $3.  Desserts $0.50.  Beer $2.  So about $30 for our family of five, but even with the two kids splitting a small plate, we still had left over fish. 


Great atmosphere.  The vaulted ceiling cafeteria and round tables add a touch of elegance.  Parishioner and school artwork line one of the walls.  Good buzz of conservation.  Crowded, but not overly crowded.  Even at 5:45, there was not a huge line.  The St. Rose campus is very beautiful with buildings clustered.

3.5 out of 4.  St. Rose is a great fish fry.  Matching volunteer fish fry aprons is always a good sign that they take their fish fry seriously.  If you like fish fry basics (fried cod, green beans, fries, spaghetti) they do them very well here.  Plus the clam chowder makes it a "must" on your fish fry list.  Nice atmosphere, good value, crowded but not too crowded - everything you look for in a fish fry.  Plus, it is a case study of fish fry wayfinding with its great signs. Often, the other fish fry in Florissant gets the attention, but St. Rose definitely holds its own.

Reviewed:  3/2/2012


  1. The fish is always awesome. The prices are so reasonable... $6.00 a small plate and I believe $8.00 for a large plate. For me, the small plate is plenty with good portions of fish, and two sides and hushpuppies. The clam chowder is the best I've ever had and find myself getting a small plate and then bowl of the chowder. The line seems to go fairly quick on dine-in and the "To Go" line moves pretty quick too. I've been to several in north county but this one is the best around for service, taste and value..

  2. The fish is lightly breaded, so even an avid dieter does not mind indulging! The clam chowder is to die for! Love the seperate dine in and take out lines. Also free coffee, ice tea and ice water.

  3. awsome school with fabulous fish!!!


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